BCJO Update

WoBCJO co-founder Joe Herreraw! The response to the LiveJazz Journey post on the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra has been wonderful! Thank you so much. Delighted to share with you an update, courtesy of BCJO trumpeter and co-founder/co-leader Joe Herrera (pictured left). Joe ran a big band in Arizona for three years. When he moved to the District, it was natural for him to think about replicating that experience.   He connected with Brad Linde, who reached out to Bohemian Caverns owner Omrao Brown and the BJSO was born. So, here’s the line-up from April 2nd: Saxes: Brian Settles – Alto Sax, Sarah Hughes – Alto Sax, Elijah Balbed – Tenor Sax, Leigh Pilzer – Tenor Sax, Brad Linde – Baritone Sax. Trombones: Corey Wallace, Steve Shaw, Mike Matarazzo and Shannon Gunn. Trumpets: Mike Davis, Joe Herrera, Donvonte McCoy and John Williams. Rhythm Section: Dave McDonald – Drums, Eliot Seppa – Bass, Dan Roberts – Piano and Rodney Richardson – Guitar.

The BCJO’s 2nd anniversary is coming up April 16 and given the orchestra’s extensive repertoire, the many remarkable musicians living in the DMV (that’s DC, Maryland and Virginia) and the City’s warm embrace (consistently selling out Monday nights!), I’m thinking they’ll be around for many years to come.


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